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The Craig Group expertise spans a broad range of preservation planning, community resilience and organizational development activities.

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Welcome to The Craig Group

We help you plan a viable future for the places of the past. Lisa Craig, a 30-year practitioner in the preservation field, has worked in dozens of American communities where heritage is at risk. Historic places are lost every day through insensitive redevelopment, demolition by neglect, or do-it-yourself “remuddling”. Natural forces threaten our heritage with extreme storm events, sea-level rise, wildfires, and other climate-related threats. These actions result in rapidly eroding shorelines, cultural practices, archaeological sites, and the historic fabric of our communities. Our firm’s role is to support local governments, community groups, cultural organizations, and state, national and tribal partners in valuing and protecting heritage assets. We help communities decide what policies and plans are best suited to the protection of their historic places and how best to lead the effort to ensure a viable future for the past.

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Our Approach

We promote historic places as economic, resilient, dynamic, and creative community assets.  Our approach to protecting historic communities begins with collaboration, bringing public and private partners together in the shared value of promoting historic settings to live, work, and visit.

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