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Advance Fort Lauderdale
Resilient Heritage - Strategic Historic Preservation Plan

Brief Description

As with any project The Craig Group completes, there was a strong community engagement piece through surveys, workshops, and interviews in this strategic plan. Additionally, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was utilized to assess resource vulnerability, as a key component of this Strategic Plan was to begin the process of addressing sea level rise and other natural hazards. This project included a review of other federal, state, county, and local regulations and plans to ensure plan integration and alignment with Ft. Lauderdale's goals.


Integrating Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is an active way to help safeguard a community’s heritage and historic places for future generations. Preserving historic places, from Mid-Century Modern commercial buildings to Vernacular housing, helps retain the architectural character that distinguishes Fort Lauderdale while providing a tangible way to share the City’s heritage with residents and visitors. Historic preservation seeks to steward those places that embody daily life - the family homes, the public parks and neighborhoods, the iconic downtown streetscapes – while accommodating sensitive growth and encouraging economic vitality. 


A historic preservation plan is a city planning document that identifies potential issues within the city’s historic preservation program and charts a path forward. The plan is the result of a collaborative process to identify a vision, goals, and action plan for historic preservation in Fort Lauderdale in order to advance the City’s progress in a managed and equitable manner.

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