Climate Change and ‘A New Normal of Extremes’

A recent Climate Conversation explored the impacts of severe weather events exacerbated by a changing climate. Summer 2021 inflicted a range of destructive extremes on the U.S., from record-breaking heat waves in the Pacific Northwest ...

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The Seven Ingredients of Blended Public Consultation

There are no two ways about it—COVID-19 and our lived experience of lockdown created a rapid switch to online public consultation. Some people, perhaps a source of pent-up demand, were ready for this and jumped in with two feet.

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How Museums Are Leading the Way in Natural Disaster Preparation & Management

Perhaps this makes it unsurprising that museums and galleries are way ahead of the pack when it comes to establishing weather-resistant institutions. Here are some of the ways they are future-proofing themselves against the impacts of climate change and the disaster management techniques that are being employed.

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The Preservation Priorities Task Force (PPTF)

The PPTF is a partnership project of the National Preservation Partners Network and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Comprised of volunteers from around the country, the PPTF is working to develop tools and strategies that state and local preservation organizations can use in their own communities to address...

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New Issue Briefs on Key Preservation Issues from the Preservation Priorities Task Force

The Issue Briefs were developed through the Preservation Priorities Task Force—a partnership between the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Preservation Partners Network. Formed in 2020, this two-year project is designed to support statewide and local...

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As Seawater Rises, Coastal Cities Need to Visualize Their Future

As sea levels rise, Charleston, South Carolina’s coastal regions flood regularly, even from events as simple as high tides. Citizens and business owners are raising questions about how the city will respond to surging water that places them in harm’s way – and the role that climate change is playing.

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Understanding Climate Change (PastForward Online 2021) 

Are you eager to tackle climate issues but not sure where to start? This workshop provides clarity of definitions and terminology, describes climate concepts and outlines various strategies to address the impacts of climate on heritage. 

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