Our Resilience Initiative

Born out of a shared commitment to protecting the National Historic Landmark District of Annapolis, Maryland, the principals of the award-winning Weather It Together initiative have combined their decades of experience to form The Craig Group. A small but experienced group of historic preservation, design, urban planning, climate engineering and public engagement professionals, we are committed to helping communities identify, assess, and plan for the protection of places that matter.

As more and more communities deal with the shock of natural disasters, preservationists and historic property owners must work together to increase resilience. Helping communities to survive, adapt, and grow while protecting the places that contribute to their collective identity requires collaboration, coordination and consideration of vulnerable populations.

We offer an approach to resilience that uses a FEMA-based disaster planning process to integrate historic places and cultural resources into future conditions planning. This four-step process focuses on identifying community values, government, engaging business and civic stakeholders and prioritizing the implementation of adaptation strategies.