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Commitment to Community

We are inspired by the commitment of people to protecting those places that matter most to them.

Sometimes saving a place takes just one person devoted to restoring a family home, but just as often it requires many individuals, even an entire community, working cooperatively to protect places that matter.  Whether preventing neighborhood decay from demolition by neglect, promoting Main Street as a preferred shopping destination, rallying to save landmark buildings or protecting scenic views from overscaled development, historic preservation plays a role in saving communities.

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We engage local experts and community leaders. Our team has a history of seeking out and collaborating with knowledgeable community members, many with expertise in relevant disciplines. As skilled professionals in preservation, planning, design, and public policy, we have a demonstrated talent for working with local stakeholders to creatively solve problems.  Our experience with elected officials, property developers, government staff, nonprofit groups, and community advocates has led to the growth of local preservation programs and enhanced funding in support of community revitalization.

We take a multi-generational approach to community engagement. Whether including interns in cutting-edge initiatives such as Weather It Together, recruiting business professionals as volunteers on Main Street projects, or engaging highly skilled and knowledgeable retirees in historic research, our team values the involvement of a diverse and deep mix of community members. We respect, acknowledge, and invite a variety of viewpoints to achieve a balanced, heritage-centered outcome to challenging issues. 

We promote informed decision-making. Our team works with policymakers, business leaders, and residents to provide up-to-date information on preservation trends, economic indicators, innovative programs, communication strategies, and practical design strategies for the preservation and adaptation of historic properties and cultural resources.  

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