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Designed For Adaptation

Brief Description

This project had three prongs, to develop resilience design guidelines based on the then newly published National Park Service flooding guidelines, as well as engage and educate the public throughout the process and develop a toolkit that compiles resources for the public, non-profits, government, and more. 


National Historic Landmark

Nantucket Islanders have long looked to the ocean to determine their future. From a fishing village to an international whaling port to a beloved seaside escape, the waters that surround Nantucket have served as inspiration. A National Historic Landmark with more than 800 pre-Civil War era historic structures, Nantucket is one of the countless coastal communities whose citizens now rethink their relationship with the sea. Through the assistance of a Municipal Vulnerability Program (MVP) grant, the Town of Nantucket (TON) has led the way in planning and preparing for climate change to increase the resilience of its built environment, protect its historic character and sustain its natural resources. In doing so the TON is working with several local and state partners focused on increasing public awareness as to both the risks associated with climate impacts as well as the opportunities resilience planning affords for the protection and enhancement of the island’s heritage assets.

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