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New Bern

Resilience & Hazard Mitigation Plan

Brief Description

This project included a series of community surveys to identify community heritage values and prioritize properties for adaptation to minimize loss from flooding disasters. The Craig Group completed the Cultural Heritage element of the plan and provided action items to include the identification of African American properties not yet surveyed for eligibility for listing in the National Register. 


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The New Bern Resiliency and Hazard Mitigation Plan is divided into various sections, each available on the City of New Bern’s Resiliency webpage as a separate PDF with an accompanying appendix (if applicable). Each section offers an introductory subsection, as indicated above, to further help navigate the reader. Please reference 2.6 What is Included in this Plan? On page 2-4 for a list of the Plan’s sections.  It is important to note that this local resiliency and hazard mitigation plan is meant to build upon previous and existing planning efforts. It is meant to expand, enhance, and complete those previous products in new ways. For example, detailed and lengthy information contained within the Pamlico Sound Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan is not necessarily repeated here in its entirety.

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