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The Craig Group Partners is involved in a number of projects on a regular basis focusing on promoting historic places as economic, resilient, dynamic, and creative community assets.

Nantucket Path.jpg

Nantucket Coastal: Resilience Plan

Nantucket Tourism.jpg

Resilient Nantucket: Designed for Adaptation

Oregon Heritage: Value of Cultural Heritage in Disaster Resilience

St. Augustine.jpg

Resilient Heritage: Nation’s Oldest City, St. Augustine

McCall, Idaho Area Historic Preservation Plan


City of Tarpon Springs Adaptation and Resiliency Report


Advance Fort Lauderdale: Resilient Heritage Preservation Plan

Lisa with Bear_edited.jpg

Resilient New Bern: A Resilience and Hazard Mitigation Plan

Trinidad & Tobago 2.jpg

Resilient Heritage: Trinidad & Tobago

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